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3 Losers from First Week of Steelers Training Camp



Steelers TE Darnell Washington

The first week of training camp, with no pads, of course, is gone. However, who stood out in a bad way and got off to a rough start down in Latrobe? Here are a few Steelers that will look to rebound with the pads coming on Tuesday afternoon.

TE Darnell Washington

Darnell Washington did struggle last week. He just was abnormally quiet for all the hype. Yes, he’s very large, but there’s more to playing football than being big and athletic. I’ll say this when it comes to Washington’s struggle. How much do I care right now about his struggles?

We are talking about a guy whose main selling point was his physicality blocking. It is hard to show that off without the pads, so Tuesday could be the coming out party for Washington. But for now, his routes are stiff and his hands have been questionable. His false start during the last rep of seven shots on Friday was emblematic of the tough start to training camp for the rookie. But it is hard to start worrying yet when his greatest strength simply has not been shown off.

OT Le’Raven Clark

I had questioned if I should put Clark on here given that it is hard to evaluate offensive linemen without pads, but he did struggle this week quite notably. Nick Herbig gave everyone he faced this week trouble in a way that I’ve not seen him do yet at a training camp. Most of the time, that guy who ended up on the bottom end of it was Clark.

The power game was not open for most of these guys so they simply worked their speed rushes off the edge. Clark had little answer for Herbig all week. However, like Washington, it’s hard to put a ton of stock into this without the pads really being on for these Steelers. We’ll see how Clark looks with the pads on.

DL Isaiahh Loudermilk

With all the defensive linemen making plays this week, the bubble players really need to have a good few weeks. Isaiahh Loudernilk is one of those players who have a lot of questions to answer in this Steelers training camp. The team brought in enough competition to oust him if he can showcase much growth as a player. So far, Loudermilk has been excruciatingly quiet.

That does not always mean it’s a bad thing, but when Armon Watts and Montravius Adams are flashing at times, Loudermilk needs to match those plays with some of his own. To this point, I simply have not seen him do that. On the roster bubble, Loudermilk does need to start flashing more with the pads now coming on.

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