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Analyst Thinks Dak Prescott Could Be Option for Steelers in 2025



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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Justin Fields will both be free agents in 2025, so if neither pans out this season, the Steelers could cut bait and there will be no harm financially.

If the Wilson-Fields experiment ends up being a disaster, Jeremy Fowler of ESPN thinks Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott could be an option for Pittsburgh in 2025.

“Yeah, I’m thinking of Pittsburgh, right? Like, Russell Wilson, he may play great, but he’s on a one-year, $1 million minimum deal, right? And Justin Fields doesn’t have his fifth-year option picked up. Maybe he’s [Dak Prescott] a long-term answer,” Fowler said recently on the This Is Football.

The Cowboys do not anticipate extending Prescott before the 2024 season, which could allow him to play through the season in the final year of his contract. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did make it clear he thinks the world of Prescott.

“When I think of Dak, he’s one of those in the top paid that haven’t won that I think can,” Jones said. “I think there are a handful or more of quarterbacks playing who haven’t won a Super Bowl that will win a Super Bowl. I think Dak is one of them. I’m firm there… We are where we are, locked and loaded for this year.”

In March, Rich Eisen also floated the idea of Prescott landing in the Steel City in 2025.

“What happens if the guy they went ahead and gave pole position (to) doesn’t work out? What if they get a look at Justin Fields and say he’s not the guy,” Eisen said on The Rich Eisen Show. “Maybe the Steelers are all in. Right now their offense costs nothing. I don’t even think it’s $15 million. They’ll have the money to give Dak a multiple of that. I think the Steelers might be in on Dak and let him finish his career in Pittsburgh.”

It will definitely be interesting to see how it plays out with Wilson and Fields in 2024. Both are low-risk, high-reward type of moves. But if it doesn’t work out. No harm, no foul. The Steelers can reset in 2025. If available, Prescott could be an option.