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Antonio Brown, Jalen Ramsey Exchange Blows: ‘We Bumming Him First Play’



Jalen Ramsey Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown and Jalen Ramsey kicked some dust up on Sunday evening after Brown went on the ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ podcast, where Brown detailed the best cornerbacks he went up against, and in the process, slighted Ramsey.

Appearing on the podcast, Antonio Brown went into detail about one the best cornerback he faced, saying he has ‘never found him yet’. However, he did state that Ramsey was the one who talked the most during the game after being asked about it. Afterward, Brown then went on to talk about how the Steelers would apparently go after Ramsey early during the game on deep routes.

“We bumming him first play,” Brown said. “A guy like that, we’re going to bum him the first play. You just look in his eyes and then walk away. First play, we taking him deep. That’s how we started the game with him.”

Ramsey appeared previously on the same podcast, stating that only DeAndre Hopkins ever got 100 yards against him in the NFL. After being notified of that, Brown proceeded to go in on cornerbacks at large but implied heavily that it would be something he attributed to Ramsey specifically.

“See some of these cornerbacks, they be nice to the receivers because they don’t want to mention my name,” Brown said. “They don’t like to mention my name because their girlfriends have to same my name and then come stick me and say ‘you gotta get him this week’. They have to consult with somebody about the game with,” Brown said.

Shortly after that, Ramsey responded via Twitter with multiple tweets, photos, and videos showcasing his games against Brown. In a series of three tweets, Ramsey mentioned the one deep ball that Brown talked about but cited stats and anecdotes that he shut Brown down.

“Lord knows I won more than I lost lol God bless,” Ramsey said. “Oh and after that catch he talking about from the year before, he didn’t have another catch that game ON ME. And this ain’t no disrespect kus he too 5 ALL time, but shid ain’t never sweet so let’s get sum straightening.”

In their matchups, this often seesawed back and forth, but Ramsey did get plenty of reps up on Brown. Regardless, that football is in the past and Ramsey will prepare to play for the Miami Dolphins first time in 2023, while Brown is now one of the owners of an AFL team.

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