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Antonio Brown on Pittsburgh: ‘My ex still thinks of me.’



Former Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown took a shot at his former home city on late on Wednesday night.

Brown responded to a Tweet from NBC’s Pro Football Talk that Pittsburgh’s ratings were nearly triple the national average for the HBO behind-the-scenes show Hard Knocks, which features Brown with his new Oakland Raiders teammates.

“My ex still thinks of me,” Brown wrote, referring to the city where he played the first nine seasons of his NFL career.

Brown’s public image has taken a steep decline in the last year, as he has dealt with numerous legal issues, forced a trade from Pittsburgh and has been refusing to play for Oakland while he battles the NFL over the status of his favorite helmet.

Overall, 776,000 people watched the third episode this week, which heavily featured Brown’s refusal to practice and his frostbitten feet that the reportedly injured by improperly using a cryotherapy chamber this year.