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Ben Roethlisberger Sees Kendrick Green Moving to Guard



Steelers Guard Kendrick Green

In the first year of his career, Kendrick Green is certainly not off to the hot start anyone wanted.

A third-round rookie at Illinois who only had four starts at center, Green has had a tough card dealt with him. However, the more he played, the clearer it became that he should not be playing as it currently stands.

Still, there is plenty of chatter about Green potentially moving back to guard. After all, that is where Green played most of his games in college, and yet his rough patches at center have gone on season-long. Even after things felt like they may be heading upwards, Green has taken steps back, and J.C. Hassenauer impressed as a fill-in against the Cleveland Browns on Monday.

For the quarterback who he was snapping to in his rookie season, Roethlisberger sees Green as a guard in the future. While he acknowledges that he is no coach, that is where Roethlisberger sees Green ending up. Still, he sees Green as no ordinary guard, but a dominant one.

“KG is a guy who we put a lot on this year,” Roethlisberger said on the DVE Morning Show Friday.. “He’s a guy who didn’t play much center, even in college. I truly, and I am not a coach, but I think at some point KG will get moved to guard and he will dominate this league at guard. He just has that extra fire and passion. You can have that at guard, but at center who have to be cerebral. You can’t get into a fight every couple of plays. ”

Green moving to guard would not be a bad idea. It will not fix his lack of length, but Green’s off-hand placement and functional strength issue can be fixed by the move and some offseason training. Needless to say, this offseason is crucial for Green’s development as an offensive lineman and his future in the NFL.