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Betting Odds on Bell, Tomlin and Brown Leaving



Steelers WR Antonio Brown

With all of the recent drama surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers, it’s easy to wonder whether or not the likes of Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, or even Mike Tomlin will find themselves back in Pittsburgh for the 2019 season. Between Bell’s season-long absence, Brown’s absence from the final game of the season, or Tomlin’s lack of postseason success, many fans advocate for any of the above listed (sometimes it’s all three) to pack their bags and find a new team.

Recently released odds on the potential departures in Pittsburgh. Some odds you may find surprising, while others might align with your expectations this off-season.

Will Antonio Brown be on the Steelers for Week 1, 2019?

Yes -200

No +150

These odds are somewhat close to even, but the sports books favor Brown will remain in a Steelers uniform come the first week of the season among myriads of reports suggesting otherwise. Brown has found himself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately, stemming from his absence in Pittsburgh’s last game of the season.

Since Brown’s future in black and gold remains in serious question, there’s opportunity to make money no matter what side you fall on. If you believe Brown will stay in the steel city, $200 must be wagered in order to profit $100 on your bet. If you believe Brown will be sent packing, a $100 bet will pay you $150 should that happen.

Will Mike Tomlin be the Head Coach of the Steelers in Week 1, 2019?

Yes -1000

No +500

These odds are more one-sided when compared to Brown’s odds of staying. Tomlin’s overall success as the Steelers head coach has been sustainable enough to keep him around despite underwhelming finishes to the past few seasons. While Tomlin’s job has never been in true jeopardy in years past, many believe the breaking point for Tomlin creeps closer with each season that doesn’t end in a minimal playoff run.

However, the likelihood of Tomlin being waived good-bye before the 2019 season appears to be unlikely, so much to the point where you would need to bet $1000 in order to make $100. Feeling risky or have sources nobody else does? A nice $500 can be made off betting $100 if you think Tomlin won’t be around the next time the Steelers suit up and play.

What team will Le’Veon Bell play for in 2019?

Best Odds: New York Jets at 3/1 odds

Worst Odds: Pittsburgh Steelers at 16/1 odds

Bell’s roller-coaster career in Pittsburgh is likely to come to its conclusion after Bell opted to sit out the entirety of the 2018 season to preserve himself for next year. With his absence, James Conner emerged as one of the best backs in the league. Bell is expected to not be brought back, although the Steelers could opt to franchise tag him for a third straight year.

The fate of Bell’s 2019 ultimately rests within the hands of the Steelers organization. Will Pittsburgh attempt to bring Bell back for one more go-around? Odds-makers don’t believe so, ranking ten teams with even or better odds to land Bell for next year:

New York Jets, 3/1 odds
Oakland Raiders, 4/1 odds
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 5/1 odds
Philadelphia Eagles, 7/1 odds
Green Bay Packers, 15/2 odds
San Francisco 49ers, 9/1 odds
Indianapolis Colts, 9/1 odds
Baltimore Ravens, 9/1 odds
Houston Texans, 12/1 odds
Seattle Seahawks, 16/1 odds
Pittsburgh Steelers, 16/1 odds

If you’re a betting man, it appears anybody but the Steelers is the option for Bell moving forward. The Jets are strong favorites to land Bell due to a great need at the running back position and excessive cap room, yet the Colts and 49ers find themselves in the same conversation due to similar structures heading into the off-season as well.

Nobody possesses a crystal ball with all the answers (at least that we know of), yet the odds given above may reveal a little more about the future of some of the biggest names involved with the Steelers.