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Browns DE Myles Garrett: ‘I Regret’ Attack on Steelers QB Mason Rudolph



Myles Garrett understands that he made a colossal mistake.

The Browns defensive end, just minutes after assaulting Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph with his own helmet during Cleveland’s 21-78 victory over Pittsburgh at FirstEnergy Stadium on Friday, was pensive when speaking with reporters about the incident.

Browns’ Myles Garrett Ejected after Attacking Steelers QB Mason Rudolph with Helmet

“I made a mistake,” Garrett said to Noah Hiles of WHBC. “I lost my cool. I regret it. It’s going to come back to hurt our team. They guys that jumped in to scrum, I appreciate my team having my back, but it should have never gotten to that point. That’s all on me.”

Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens called the play embarrassing. Garrett agrees with that assessment.

“That is embarrassing,” he said. “What I did is foolish and I shouldn’t have allowed myself to slip like that. It’s out of character. A situation like that, it’s an emotional game. I allowed myself to fall into those emotions.”

Garrett said he has “no clue” if he’ll face a suspension from the league, but said that the Steelers and Browns rematch at Heinz Field in two and a half weeks will have an elevated level of dislike.

“I hurt my whole team with what I did. That may come back to bite us. I don’t know what kind of repercussions I’ll face. I’ve gotta be better.

“There will be a little bit more animosity. A little bit more of an understood. You can call it hatred. However they feel about what happened. It was an accident, but they’re going to feel some type of way.

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