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Call of Duty, Reddit Helped Break News of Steelers Signing OL Rashaad Coward



The Steelers agreed to sign former Chicago Bears offensive lineman Rashaad Coward on Monday, Coward revealed.

The signing of a backup guard is generally not big news, even for a Monday in late March, but the way the news of the Steelers’ interest in Coward was certainly interesting.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network was the first major reporter to break the news on Monday, but Coward’s name had been connected to the Steelers for several days beforehand thanks to the strangest of possible leaks.

Reddit user u/ProbationOfficer2035 posted on Saturday that he had a scoop on the Steelers possibly acquiring Coward. The source of that scoop? A game of Call of Duty: Warzone.

The Redditor said that while playing against a female user, he overheard a background conversation about a “deal” and a man saying that he would love to play in Pittsburgh. The Redditor was then able to confirm that the gamer he was playing with was the husband of an NFL player that had been playing with the Bears.

Coward’s agent Brian Adkins made reference to the way the news got out on Sunday, tagging Coward’s wife, Tally.