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Cam Heyward: Joe Burrow ‘The Guy’ to Dethrone Patrick Mahomes in AFC




They may be divisional rivals, but don’t expect to not see some mutual respect thrown between each other for Cam Heyward and Joe Burrow.

Appearing on NFL GameDay Sunday, Heyward was a guest analyst for Sunday’s playoff games. When asked who could be the quarterback to challenge Patrick Mahomes at the top of the AFC, it was easy for Heyward, who immediately named Burrow as the guy.

“I think Burrow has a chance to dethrone him (Mahomes),” Heyward said. “When you look at it, I’m a Marvel guy but let’s talk in DC terms here, Pat Mahomes, he’s Batman and when you look at Burrow, he’s the Joker. He makes sure he makes all of those throws. This guy has all of the weapons on his side with three wide receivers that can go down the field at any time, he’s got Joe Mixon, and you look at what he’s done, he’s 3-0 against Mahomes. Going forward, Burrow is the guy.”

Joe Burrow has proven himself to be plenty capable of making playoff runs, already making it to a Super Bowl in his second year with the same core he has this year. As Heyward notes, the record of Burrow against Mahomes is notable. But not just that, Burrow has proven himself to be a winner, racking up a National Championship at LSU and then a Super Bowl appearance in his first playoff appearance with Cincinnati.

As they face a shorthanded Ravens team on Sunday, Burrow will have an opportunity to pick up yet another playoff win in his short career. A two-time AFC North winner, Burrow seems poised to be a perennial playoff contender throughout his career and those weapons are young to grow with him. Tee Higgins and Ja’Marr Chase have an argument as the best young wide receiver duo in the NFL. So, a compliment such as that one coming from a division rival is no surprise when Burrow proves it year in and year out.

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