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Cam Heyward, Mike Tomlin Laud Unsung Hero Montravius Adams: ‘He’s a Diamond in the Rough’



PITTSBURGH — Sometimes, when a team needs it most, the contributions needed come from the most unlikely of sources. With that said, when a guy is brought in off another team’s practice squad on a whim, expectations are entirely justified as low. However, when said guy wrecks the game and helps the team to victory down the stretch in a massive game, that guy becomes an unsung hero.

For the Pittsburgh Steelers, that man’s name is Montravius Adams. After a coming over from the Saints, Adams has quickly acclimated himself as a key piece, starting at nose tackle in two games. However, Monday night may have been Adams’ most impressive tape to date. For a team that badly needed someone to fill in at that nose tackle position, Adams has been a revelation.

It is one that is not going over the head of players like Cam Heyward. As a leader, Heyward has played all over the defensive line this season, including at nose tackle. The praise for Adams is steep from Heyward, who has seen more than enough to be impressed.

“We’re very fortunate to get him so late,” Heyward said. “We needed another guy that could penetrate the backfield. He’s got a quick get-off. He plays well with his hands. He’s a diamond in the rough type of guy.”

That diamond in the rough is certainly being put under pressure to become a fully crystallized diamond. Adams, though, does not have a contract with the team for next year, as he is an unrestricted free agent. After what he has shown, Heyward hopes Adams is donning black and gold for years to come.

“Hopefully, he keeps building,” Heyward said. “I hope he becomes a Pittsburgh Steeler a lot longer.”

Mike Tomlin will not bat that statement, either. Adams may have an easy position relative to others since he plays in one-gap, but Tomlin is appreciative of all the efforts Adams has brought to the roster in a time when they needed them dearly.

“There’s not a lot of variation when you play in the A-Gap,” Tomlin said. “Everyone knows where the A-Gap is. The process for him to get up to speed is much easier than someone like saying Witherspoon, who plays in space and a myriad of coverages. We’re appreciative of the energy he has brought and the playmaking. It has been much needed.”

Whether Adams can turn his play into a nice payday at 27 years old remains to be seen, but there should certainly be mutual interest for the Steelers to bring him back beyond this year.