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Cam Heyward Reveals Wife Nearly Threw Up Over Idea of Him Playing for Browns



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Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle Cam Heyward’s wife had a similar reaction to the rest of Steelers Nation when a report came to light last week that he would consider playing for the Cleveland Browns. Heyward said she nearly vomited over the thought of her husband in a Browns uniform. She’s from Cleveland, too.

Cam Heyward made it clear that he’s never going to Cleveland. It was just a joke during an interview with Mark Kaboly of The Athletic that got misconstrued.

“Bro I ain’t going to Cleveland. My wife about threw up when she saw the report. It was a joke in passing,” Heyward wrote on X in response to a fan.

The plan for Cam Heyward is to retire a Steeler. But he is keeping his options open. He wants to play at least three more years. If the Steelers are not willing to sign him to an extension, he’ll take his talents elsewhere.

“I have talked to my wife, and we know the reality, and we have had those talks, and she said it could be fun to play somewhere else,” Heyward said. “If that is what is needed to be done, then so be it.”

Heyward was adamant in his interview with Kaboly that he plans on playing in 2025. Whether that’s in the Black and Gold or not.

“I don’t even know which way to even lean,” Heyward said. “We will see what happens. But I can assure you this: I will be playing in 2025, I will tell you that.”

Heyward is coming off an injury-riddled season that forced the Steelers to strongly consider if it would be in there best interest to hand out an extension, especially considering he is 35 years old. And the history of guys securing an extension at his age is rare.

“My game is different from everybody else in this league,” Heyward said. “I like to think I can play the run and the pass. And that’s why I’m different. Last year Mike (Tomlin) brought to my attention, the thing that’s really cool is you watch powerlifters, and my game is built on power and technique. And (powerlifters) go into their 40s. And so, you know, that’s what kind of research I’m doing behind the scenes.”