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Cam Heyward Strongly Disagrees with Analyst That Pressures Are More Important Than Sacks



Pittsburgh Steelers Cam Heyward

As Steelers fans know, Pro Football Focus has a theory that pressures are more important than sacks. That’s why PFF considers Myles Garrett the best defensive player in the game, even though T.J. Watt bested him in almost every major defensive statistical category last season.

PFF’s theory was echoed by Trey Wingo of Pro Football Network when responding to a video of Maxx Crosby offering advice to young pass rushers at the 2024 Sack Summit.

“This is why pressures are a better more productive stat than sacks. If you can get em on the ground…great.. but make the uncomfortable and move them is just as if not more efficient,” Wingo wrote on X.

Steelers defensive tackle Cam Heyward caught wind of Wingo’s remark and blasted it.

“Pressures are good but the more productive stat is a sack that can lead to turnover. Pressures can be misleading and when play results in sacks that’s the goal,” Heyward wrote.

Wingo responded, “Pressures can also lead to turnovers like the INT mahomes threw in the Super Bowl. And it was pressure from Chris Jones that forced an errant throw from Purdy in OT when Jennings was open for a TD.”

Heyward pointed out that sacks are definite, unlike pressures.

“Pressures can but aren’t a definite. A sack is a definite in changing the outcome for an offense. Yes Chris Jone effected a play but I’ve seen Pat Mahomes eat up pressures and deliver touchdowns. I could have a crazy move and get home and receive a pressure only for a qb to step through and complete,” Heyward responded to Wingo.

Cam Heyward wrote in a follow up tweet, “Sacks>Pressures>no pressure.”

Heyward is a three-time first-team All-Pro and six-time Pro Bowler. He’s recorded 80.5 career sacks, which is tied for second on the franchise’s all-time list. Heyward, 35, wants to play for at least three more years, so he still has the potential to bolster his case for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

If he can win a Super Bowl, earn another Pro Bowl or first-team All-Pro, and record 20 more sacks, he should be a shoo-in for the HOF.

“Got a lot more to add to this! More work on the way…,” Heyward wrote on X in response to MLFootball posting his career accomplishments.