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Cam Sutton, Minkah Fitzpatrick Seal Game in Steelers Victory



Cam Sutton

INDIANAPOLIS — Cam Sutton read the play the whole way. On the key 4th-and-3, it was Sutton who was left in coverage against Parris Campbell. Though Minkah Fitzpatrick came over to help, too, Sutton was in a ready-made position to make a play on the football to stall the Colts’ chances of converting.

Sutton himself saw the rub route coming right away and Campbell got some separation from Sutton. However, he fought back to the ball and played through Campbell’s hands in order to force the incompletion. Fitzpatrick came over for the assist to make sure the ball was lodged loose after Sutton was doing a strong job making the catch as strong as possible for Campbell to make the grab.

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“They tried to run a little rub route to get him some free access,” Sutton said. “I was working in the slot and fighting through the pick and it was good a situational call for us. He still got around, but this was a good call for us to leverage wise and I used the leverage of the rub to get outside. They tried to get the ball to him, but I’m in phase and running to the ball to play through the hands. It was a little underthrown, a back shoulder type of ball, and I just knew I could not panick or impede the receiver.”

Cam Sutton has made a career of making strong plays in clutch moments. This is just another one for the standout, versatile cornerback to make for the Steelers. It comes as no surprise that Pittsburgh would lean on him to potentially be the guy to make the strong play at that moment. He and Fitzpatrick are the lynchpins in the secondary, and they proved why they were on that play yet again for the Steelers.

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