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CBS Sports Analyst Projects Losing Season for Steelers: ‘Yeah, I Don’t Think They’re Gonna Be Very Good’



Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin

The Pittsburgh Steelers have the third-toughest strength of schedule in 2024. However, based on forecasted win totals, the Steelers have the toughest schedule this upcoming season, according to Warren Sharp of Sharp Football. And that’s not much of a surprise with a brutal back stretch.

Strength of schedule is based on opponents records from 2023. Vegas’ forecasted win totals are probably a better indication, as teams can drastically change from year to year. The boost that head coach DeMeco Ryans and quarterback C.J. Stroud gave to the Houston Texans is a prime example.

The Steelers face a ruthless gauntlet down the stretch, as they have eight straight games against teams expected to have winning records, 6-of-8 expected to win over 10 games. On paper, it’s the hardest final eight games in the NFL, according to Sharp. All six of their AFC North divisional games come in that span, too. In fact, Colin Cowherd of FS1 believes it’s toughest schedule he’s seen.

“That is the toughest schedule I have ever seen, (from) Thanksgiving on, in league history,” Cowherd said.

Cowherd previously mentioned that he thinks the Steelers have a top-5 roster in the NFL and will win 11 or 12 games in 2024, but it appears the schedule really altered his outlook on the Steelers’ 2024 campaign.

“Did you see the last six quarterbacks Pittsburgh faces?” Cowherd said on his podcast. “[Joe] Burrow, Deshaun Watson, Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson, [Patrick] Mahomes, and Burrow. Mike Tomlin is going to be on network broadcasting. And, by the way, I predict he’ll be great. I’ve talked to two network execs who would hire Mike Tomlin tomorrow.”

That’s quite a bold take by Cowherd in regards to Tomlin, but many in the national media have similar opinions about the Steelers after the schedule release. Former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky thinks the Steelers will bottom out and lose their final seven games, while Pete Prisco of CBS Sports tabbed the Steelers as a seven-win team.

“Yeah, I don’t think they’re gonna be very good. I think they’re gonna win seven games, and I think when you look at Russell Wilson, I don’t think he’s good anymore,” Prisco said firmly. “I’ll be honest with you, I think his best years are behind him. It wouldn’t surprise me at some point if Justin Fields took over as the starter on this team. I think they’re gonna struggle throwing the football much like they have for the last couple of years. I do.”

“I just don’t see the same guy [Wilson] anymore. They’re gonna be more physical eventually as they get that offensive line worked out, and they’re gonna get the offensive line worked out,” Prisco added. “They had a good draft as it relates to that. It might take a little time and they are in the best division.

“They’ll be good on defense. They had bad linebackers last year. Struggled on defense last year. They’ll be better on defense this time around. But I still think they’re in a tough division. Seven wins.”