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Chase Claypool Signs Old Mitch Trubisky Jersey at Soldier Field




It feels like the Chicago Bears Twitter account knew exactly what it was doing with this video of Chase Claypool.

I mean, this can’t be random.

Claypool, the third-year wide receiver whom the Bears acquired from the Steelers Tuesday, Nov. 1, seems to be loving his new home.

The Bears host the Dolphins Sunday at Soldier Field, and Claypool took some time pregame to introduce himself to his new fans:

Uhhh, wait. Did you see that?

Claypool, who will wear No. 10 for the Bears, signs a jersey in that video.

It indeed shows No. 10.

But there’s duct tape over the name. Which means…

That’s an old Mitch Trubisky jersey. 

Kudos to the fan for the homemade reboot. It’s hilarious and thrifty. Respect.

But the extra dig is what seals it.

Trubisky, of course, is Claypool’s old teammate. The Steelers signed Trubisky to a modest deal this past offseason, giving him a shot to revive the Steelers offense in the wake of Ben Roethlisberger’s retirement.

While Trubisky performed OK in his new home, he was replaced by rookie and first-round draft pick Kenny Pickett at halftime of the Steelers’ Week 4 loss to the Jets.

Pickett, while objectively posting worse stats than Trubisky, held on to the starting role since.

Prior to joining the Steelers, Trubisky spent almost four years with the Bears. As the team’s No. 2 overall pick in 2017, expectations soared for Trubisky in the Windy City.

He was, again, OK, but he never quite panned out to be the franchise-changing signal-caller the team expected.

As such, those Trubisky jerseys aren’t exactly cool and vintage. Instead, they’re in need of replacement.

Grab the duct tape, and Claypool might help you out.

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