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Chiefs Propose Expanding Jersey Number Options



The NFL owners will vote on a number of potential rule changes when they gather for the spring meetings in May, including a proposal by the Kansas City Chiefs to expand jersey number options for certain positions.

The change would permit defensive backs, linebackers, running backs, tight ends and wide receivers to wear numbers in the 1-19 range in addition to their currently allotted numerals.

Currently only quarterbacks, kickers and punters are permitted to wear single digit jersey numbers.

Kansas City general manager Brett Veach was apparently the driving force behind the proposed change, after the Chiefs reportedly ran out of eligible number last season, according to SI’s Albert Breer.

The shortage was a result of previously retired numbers and the expanded rosters in 2020.

The Chiefs have ten retired numbers in franchise history, which is behind the New York Giants and Chicago Bears with 14 each.

Even though the 2020 season was played under incredibly unique circumstances, Kansas City’s proposal would ensure clubs do not find themselves in that predicament again.