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Chris Boswell Gets Last Laugh in Battle Between Top Kickers vs. Ravens’ Justin Tucker



BALTIMORE — It is rare that an anticipated duel in a football game is between the two kickers. Elite kickers are rare, and so when ones that are automatic and so good matchup, it creates an interesting dichotomy for the matchup. Well, such is life in the AFC North when Chris Boswell and Justin Tucker clash twice a year.

The Ravens kicker, who perhaps may be the best kicker to ever touch a field, has no competition for his crown. However, Boswell has always wanted to bark up that tree and with his continued excellence, the battle between the two often ends up in game-winning kicks. The battle between Tucker and Boswell is one that Boswell himself uses as a barometer. While he does not love to use a measuring stick to himself against anyone, for Boswell, it is something a little special going against Tucker.

“He’s for sure the greatest kicker of all-time,” Boswell said of Tucker. “I love playing him and Tomlin loves playing it up this week. So. anytime he gets to the 50, they are in his range. It’s always fun to compete against him. I don’t love to compare myself because we’ll never have the same field goals or necessarily the same conditions. But it’s always good to play against one the greatest of all time and see where you stack up against that.”

For Boswell, though there is no emotion when it comes to big kicks, even ones that could send his team to the playoffs, Boswell does not try to harp on it. Instead, his even-keeled approach is what defines his style and why he has been so ice cold in the clutch moments.

“I’m just happy for Ben,” Boswell said. “If this is his last year, we’re sending him to the playoffs. This team deserves it and we’ve been battling our asses off. I’m just here to do my job and kick it through the pipes. I was fortunate enough tonight.”

Boswell’s clutch gene is well-received and known. In fact, Boswell has won multiple games for the Steelers in similar situations this season alone. So, for the man dubbed ‘the Wizard of Boz’, the spotlight comes naturally. Most importantly, his quarterback believes in him all the way.

“Boz. There was never a doubt that he wasn’t going to make [the game-winning field goal],” Boswell said. “No offense to the guy on the other side, but Boswell is pretty good, too. Yeah, I think our guy is pretty good, too.”

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