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Dan Moore Admits Learning Right Tackle is a Challenge, Says He’s Not Comfortable



Not every transition in the NFL is easy. While some may think switching sides on the offensive line is as easy as the snap of the finger, it just may be the hardest transition in the entire sport. When an offensive lineman, specifically a tackle, switches sides, their entire body movements are flipped on its head. That means learning new motor functions, a new post foot, how to use a different inside hand, and more.

Thus, when Dan Moore Jr. flipped over to right tackle in order to become a swing tackle for the Steelers, it was always going to be a struggle for a guy who has predominantly played left tackle. To his credit, Moore has still looked quite good at right tackle, even after he admits that he is far from comfortable playing on the new side.

“It’s definitely been a challenge, especially going to right,” Moore said. “I’m not very comfortable on the right side. But like I said, just getting more reps and having a great defense to challenge me every day and a great coaching staff to help me with the game plan definitely helps, for sure.”

Moore allowed his first pressure of the preseason on Friday, but he continues to put together what is an impressive preseason. He credits his ability to play at a high level early to the baptism by fire he received from members of the Steelers’ pass rush.

“I’ve grown a tremendous amount,” Moore said. The amount of snaps I’ve gotten, the help that I’ve gotten from vets—offense and defense—the coaches, I think I’ve grown so much ….Alex Highsmith, Melvin Ingram, Cam [Heyward], a lot of those guys. [Chris] Worm[ley], even some of the linebackers. They’re a huge help.”

Moore has certainly played above his draft spot as it stands. With two solid games at left tackle and more than a decent enough showing at right tackle, the Steelers likely will make him the swing tackle. Should anything happen to Zach Banner or Chuks Okorafor, it seems that Moore has done enough to earn himself that key backup job.

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