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2023 NFL Draft

Day 2 Senior Bowl Takeaways: Cornerbacks Dazzle, LBs Surprise (+)



Senior Bowl

MOBILE, Ala — Not everything in Mobile is easy for college players, but the Senior Bowl provides them a unique opportunity to improve their draft stock prior to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. So, on the second day of practice, who stood out in a big way for coaches?

Tyrique Stevenson Shows Out

It’s hard just to quantify this week for Tyrique Stevenson thus far. He had a little scare today when he exited the field after an apparent injury. However, his first day was really good, and his second was better. I like Julius Brents, but Stevenson was the best cornerback on the American team today. That says a lot about the type of player the Miami cornerback is, but he is lengthy with good athleticism and fluid hips.

Is everything all there just yet for him physically? No. But he continues to be a guy that flashes in a big way in this group of cornerbacks. Steelers fans need to be aware of him. Don’t be surprised if Stevenson sneaks up as an option for one of Pittsburgh’s second-round picks.

A D2 Quarterback?

I find it extremely cool that there is a D2 quarterback out here in Mobile. That would be Shepard’s Tyson Bagnet, who admittedly struggled in the first practice of the session. But on Wednesday? Bagent showed that he belonged and proved just why he got the invite.

Bagent’s arm is impressive. He has the best arm out of any of the quarterbacks here. And while it was erratic on Tuesday, he parlayed Wednesday’s performance into one where he dropped dimes all over the football field. His best throw of the day came on a sail route to beat Cover 2. No other QB at the event would have made that throw, but Bagent’s upside is at the very least intriguing.

Keion White Buzz

One of the names that continues to be ‘buzzy’ around Mobile is Georgia Tech edge rusher Keion White. Many scouts that you talk to think that he could end up in the back half of the first round with his athleticism and bend. That bend is showing itself often this week, and it is something that was underrated on his tape.

Will he parlay this week into anything notable? That remains to be seen, but Mike Tomlin and company have kept a close eye on the Yellow Jackets edge rusher. Whatever becomes of him at the next level, if he is sitting at No. 32, it’s hard not to envision White being on the Steelers’ big board.

Linebackers Shine

Not all linebackers at the Senior Bowl were firmly on my radar before Wednesday, but they became guys who I quickly accustomed myself to as the day went on. For one, Aubrey Miller out of Jackson State laid a ferocious hit on Georgia RB Kenny McIntosh. Miller was a standout in pass rush and run defense drills as a guy who those should watch for each snap.

Then, Sacramento State LB Marte Mapu was the star of the corps today. A small-school guy looking to prove himself, Mapu was fantastic today. Play after play was made by him, and after the practice, you could tell his confidence shot up. That is rightfully so, and Mapu seems to be a guy who could raise his stock here.

Tomlin Loves Backs on Backers

Mike Tomlin took particular interest in the backs-on-backers drill today. That could just be the on-brand moment of the week since Tomlin loves himself some backs-on-backers. However, the linebackers seemed to be of focus with Tomlin flanked by Brian Flores. The Steelers have a three-pronged strategy here, and Tomlin chipping into seeing some of the linebackers is a fascinating development. He took particular interest in Dorian Williams out of Tulane.

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