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Diontae Johnson Alerts George Pickens About Marcus Peters: ‘Keep Your Head Right’



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PITTSBURGH — The Ravens might be coming for George Pickens. Diontae Johnson has been through the wringer of the Steelers and Ravens rivalry more than one time throughout his career in Pittsburgh, and that comes with knowing the trash-talking capabilities of one Marcus Peters.

Peters is notorious for his emotional and fiery play on the football field. But more than just that, Peters is known to talk a lot during games to get into the heads of receivers across from him. With George Pickens being a similar ball of fire on the other side of the ball, Johnson is cautioning him about the emotions that Peters might try to bring out of Pickens throughout the game.

“Marcus Peters is going to talk a whole lot all game,” Johnson said. “I’m gonna have to tell GP (Pickens) to keep his head (right).”

Pickens has made headlines for his sideline outburst against Atlanta where he only caught one pass all game while being targeted twice. Johnson is sure that the Ravens, and especially Peters, have seen the videos going around throughout the media. And for Johnson, he is going to step up to be the leader that can counsel Pickens throughout the game.

“I’m sure they will (try to get into his head),” Johnson said. “They’ll try to use that against him. I’m sure they’ve seen it on TV. So, I would be surprised if they didn’t. But it’s my job to be there for him that moment and keep his head so it doesn’t get to that point.”

Pickens is likely to become a big part of the offense this week. The Ravens run so much man coverage that it is likely Pickens will have his opportunities to be one-on-one against Peters and Marlon Humphrey. If anything transpires, Johnson, who seems to have stepped up as a leader in the receiver room, will be the first one there to calm the situation down.

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