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Donte Jackson Ready to Create Duo with Joey Porter Jr.

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Donte Jackson relayed what defensive coordinator Teryl Austin told him once he was traded.



Donte Jackson
Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Donte Jackson at OTAs on May 22, 2024. -- Ed Thompson/ Steelers Now

PITTSBURGH — Going from the Carolina Panthers to the Pittsburgh Steelers is one of the most substantial culture shocks in the NFL, at least in 2024. Donte Jackson is doing just that, however, and since arriving for OTAs, he has repeatedly expressed how thankful he is to join Pittsburgh.

Jackson comes to Pittsburgh as one of the fastest cornerbacks in the NFL. And while there was some thought that he could move to the slot, Jackson said that he had not heard of that from management or the coaching staff yet, but he would be open to it. So, what did they tell him about his role?

The Steelers expect Jackson to slide in the opposite of Joey Porter Jr. and match No. 2 wide receivers while Porter takes the top wide receiver from other teams.

Pittsburgh Steelers CB Donte Jackson

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Donte Jackson during OTAs at UPMC Rooney Sports Complex on May 21, 2024. — Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

“First thing that happened when I got traded here was they said ‘Get ready to match guys, get ready to go follow guys, get ready to go do what we know you do well,'” Jackson said. “Tackling is one of my strong suits – people don’t think at my size that I want to come up and hit. So that’s another thing that stood out and why they knew I’d be a perfect corner in this system and show my talents, what I’ve been doing my whole career, on this big stage.”

The Steelers hope that Jackson can help upgrade a secondary that lacked speed a year ago, and they got burned for it. Not only that but poor tackling in the secondary allowed many receivers to turn catches that should be five yards into twenty yards gain and so on. Pittsburgh got by enough with their talent in the secondary, but Jackson’s speed and recent level of play should give them a stable level of play that gets them what they need out of that spot.
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Edward Carmichael
Edward Carmichael
June 2, 2024 5:59 pm

as a true Steelers fan, I would rather see both Joey Porter Jr. or Cory Trice Jr. or Ryan Watts opposite Joey Porter Jr. starting at CB