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Dwayne Haskins Thinks He’ll Have Chance to Earn Starting Role: ‘All I Can Ask For’



Dwayne Haskins

The Steelers quarterback situation is simply in flux. There is no one that sticks out as the future of the quarterback position on the roster. Outside of the roster, it seems fairly unlikely that the Steelers would be able to bring a franchise quarterback into the fold.

Still, Mason Rudolph is the guy who will get all the love to be the next starter in the house. However, that is not taking into account the young quarterback from Washington that was signed last offseason. Yes, Dwayne Haskins has to be involved in this conversation. He was signed as an upside signing that could turn into something, and after this season of learning, his opportunity may come.

“I had some meetings with other people on the staff like GM Kevin Colbert and some other staff,” Haskins said. “They told me what I had to do and what I can add to this team. He told me I had a chance to start and that’s all I can ask for.”

It is not just the guarantee that he has a chance to earn that job, though. Haskins is out to prove he can be an NFL quarterback again. After busting out of Washington due to his on-field play and off-the-field preparedness, there is nothing more than to climb back to the starting spot that would fulfill Haskins’ wishes. It is about reclaiming a dream that he has had since he was young.

“Being a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers is a dream,” Haskins said. “I watched Ben Roethlisberger when I was a young kid. I’ve had always had great respect for the Black and Gold. I have a ton of respect for Coach Tomlin. He’s a guy with no losing seasons and has been here 15 seasons. I want to show him that I want this bad and want to be bigger. I want to be a guy he can rely on and off the field. I want to be a guy that goes and balls out. I’m more than just a guy who throws the ball. I know I can be a player that executes at a high level. I can keep the Steeler way and we can continue to go on playoff runs. I can help this team win a Super Bowl.”

Through it all, Haskins is ready for the competition. His relationship with the aforementioned Rudolph is one that predates his arrival in Pittsburgh. In fact, this is a competition that Haskins believes he has already experienced during his time at Ohio State. It was none other than Joe Burrow that pushed Haskins in Columbus, and he thinks Rudolph can do similar things.

“I love Mason,” Haskins said. “He has a great chance to be a guy here, too. He’s been here a while. So, he knows the building. I was able to work out with Mason the last offseason. We have a relationship that was here before I came to Pittsburgh. So, I have always have respect for him since he was at Oklahoma State. Being with him here every day at practice, we bring the best of each other. I feel like in college, having a guy like Joe Burrow, it was the same way. He challenged me. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do here, and this is the best opportunity for me to show what I can do.”

if Haskins can somehow pull through and become the Steelers’ starter, his goal will have been realized. Still, he has plenty of work to do on the field to improve his play to a starter-level standard.

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