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ESPN’s Steve Levy Apologizes to Steelers RB Najee Harris for Getting Backstory Wrong




ESPN play-by-play broadcaster Steve Levy apologized to Steelers running back Najee Harris and made a donation to his foundation after getting a part of Harris’ backstory wrong during the Steelers’ appearance on Monday Night Football.

The broadcast highlighted Harris’ journey from homelessness to the NFL, and as part of that, Levy shared an anecdote about Harris not sleeping on his bed in his dorm room.

“Even when he got to Alabama on the full ride, got the fancy dorm room, he spent the first few months in Alabama sleeping on the floor,” Levy said. “Said he was just more comfortable, he was more used to that.”

The problem with the story is that it isn’t true, or at least isn’t for Harris, who took to Twitter after the game to say that never happened.

Najee Harris Debunks ESPN Claim he Slept on Floor Upon First Arriving at Alabama

It seems that Levy mixed up the backstories of Harris and fellow former Alabama running back Josh Jacobs. He apologized to Harris and promised to make a donation to his foundation that helps fight homelessness.

“I got this part wrong Najee, my mistake,” Levy wrote on Twitter. “Your story is inspirational & mission to positively impact is admirable. I’ll be donating to the Da’ Bigger Picture Foundation and encourage others to help Najee’s greater purpose where they can.”

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