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‘Focus on Winning’: Najee Harris Admits Steelers Have Looked at Playoff Picture




PITTSBURGH — The Steelers are snooping around a place where they have not been around much of the season at this point — the playoff picture. Even though the Steelers are off distantly at 5-7, the Raiders, Chargers, Patriots, and even the Jets all feel like they are not too far away for Pittsburgh to try and catch at this point. Najee Harris and the Steelers know that.

As of this week, the Steelers are starting to appear on those playoff graphics as in the hunt. For a team that is trying to crawl up the rankings, it is easy to notice that on the rankings. While Mike Tomlin has set the playoffs and world championships as the goal, Pittsburgh has to make a run to get there. As it stands, Harris admitted that the Steelers could not help but peak a little bit at those rankings.

“Yeah man, I think we have a pulse,” Harris said. “We have a good amount of games left. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking at it, but what we can control is what we can today and playing the Ravens. Hopefully, it will work out in our favor. We can’t just look at making the playoffs right now. We have to be focus on winning. But we have looked at it, for sure.”

For a team that is fighting to claw from a deep hole that the Steelers are in, the admission from Najee Harris serves as motivation for the Steelers. it seems the team has set out a goal, and they are seeking to reach that goal if at all possible. In order to make it, however, the Steelers will have to go 4-1 in their last five at least, and that might not be enough still.

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