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Friday Take Five: Cam Heyward, Star Wars Fan



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PITTSBURGH — This summer, Cam Heyward was on something of a Star Wars kick. The Steelers defensive captain Tweeted about the legendary science fiction series a couple times this summer, getting tons of reactions from the fanbase.

Like most Star Wars fans, Heyward has opinions — he was lukewarm on the prequel and sequel movies, but likes The Mandalorian. Most of all, he enjoys the family connection that the series has created, from watching the older movies with father to sharing animated series with his kids.

Our Friday Take Five this week is with Cam Heyward, Star Wars fan.

Steelers Now: When did you get into Star Wars?

Cam Heyward: Man, I’ve always liked Star Wars. I remember growing up I used to watch A New Hope and Empire and Return of the Jedi. Those were always my favorites. I’m not a big fan of the prequels. The sequels? Eh. But I have liked the new shows that came out.

SN: What do you like about Star Wars?

CH: It’s really cool. It’s something that started in the 70 and 80s, that couldn’t be done at one time. To just keep expanding, you know, the Mandalorian has taken on a universe of itself. Get Boba Fett back somehow? That’s pretty cool.

SN: Do you think it’s unusual to be a Star Wars fan and an athlete?

CH: I don’t know, because my dad had it.

SN: Your dad (former Pitt and NFL running back Craig “Ironhead” Heyward) liked it?

CH: Yeah. We used to have, do you remember laser discs? We had it on a laser disc. He used to watch it. I remember watching that a few times. And then it used to — it still comes on TBS all the time.

SN: What’s your favorite of the current Star Wars shows?

CH: The Mandalorian is pretty cool. I’ve liked some of their newer projects. Like Rogue One was awesome. I started watching Clone Wars with my son, so we’ve watched. Excited to see what Andor is gonna be, too.

SH: What do you like about engaging with fans about non-football things?

CH: Just sharing my personality, sharing my interesting. I don’t know why, but sometimes, people want to know what’s going on with me off the field. I’m just a regular guy. Me and my son, we watch superhero movies together and hang out. I grew up reading comic books and I just enjoy getting to be a kid.

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