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Friday Take Five: Cam Sutton, Girl Dad



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PITTSBURGH — The offseason is a grind for every NFL player, with the end of the playoffs only providing a few months break before offseason conditioning, OTAs and minicamp get started. For Steelers cornerback Cam Sutton, it was a bit more of a grind this offseason.

“I had my new daughter this offseason,” Sutton said. “That’s a grind itself, man.”

With Father’s Day falling in June, all of our Friday Take Fives will have a father theme. Here’s our Friday Take Five with Cam Sutton, about his daughters.

Steelers Now: How is it being a dad?

Cam Sutton: “It’s amazing. Man, just the beauty in, I don’t really want to get emotional, but I love my daughters and my family to death, man. I have two daughters, Luna and Eye’Lah. It’s just been a super high order for me. The love is second to none. It’s so unconditional. It’s so special. I can’t tell you anything else. It’s super special.”

Eye’Lah was born this March right in the middle of the NFL offseason, but before Sutton needed to report to Pittsburgh for OTAs and minicamp. Sutton’s first daughter, Luna was born last offseason.

SN: How do you balance being a dad with football?

CS: “Yeah man, it’s insane. But that’s just kinda what it is. I grew up in a household where we were always just kinda busy and moving around. This isn’t much different. Between me, my younger brother, and my sister, we were always busy. Just through life, you understand how to move through life and understand it. You have to schedule out your days. And as a dad, you’ll have some interruptions which can get sticky.

“But that time with my daughters and my family is priceless. I always put them first. It can get hectic. I’m tired a lot, but I wouldn’t trade this for the world. I’ll work sometimes crazy hours to get everything I want in. But at the end of the day, it’s so worth it. That love I have for my kids is so special.”