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Friday Take Five: Steelers DL Tyson Alualu, Football Dad



For the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tyson Alualu is a tough defensive lineman, one of the leaders of the team’s defense and a trusted veteran of 15 NFL seasons. For the North Allegheny Tigers, he’s more like a cheerleader.

Alualu’s oldest son Tyreé Alualu is a rising junior linebacker and running back for the Tigers, and the elder Alualu is jugging a dual role as football player and football dad.

With Father’s Day falling in June, all of our Friday Take Fives will have a father/son theme. Here’s our Friday Take Five with Tyson Alualu:

SN: What’s it like having Tyreé following in your football footsteps?

TA: “I enjoy it, man. It’s a blessing just to see it happen, to see things unfold. I see the love that he has for the game. I see the hard work that he puts in. And I enjoy it, because he’s out there having fun. ”

What kind of football dad are you?

“I’m a dad that kind of watches. I coach him up when I’m training him, whether it’s field work or in the weight room, but when he gets on the field with his coaches, I kind of just let them do their thing and kind of watched from afar. When he’s having fun and doing well, man, it’s a joy to see because I know the work that he puts into it.”

Did you encourage him to play football, or did he want to do it?

“I’ve never told him he has to play this game. This game has been a blessing in my life. But, growing up, I tried to put him in all different sports, trying to see. I told him he doesn’t have to play football, and there was a few sports that he chose and that was basketball, football and track. I support him any way I can, but I mean, he just loves the game. It’s just hard not to, because this is what he grew up around. He grew up around a lot of great athletes, being in this locker room and seeing how people operate and knowing the players for who they are. It’s pretty cool he got to look up and see a lot of great role models.”

I guess once he decided on football, he’s a little big to be a wide receiver, right?

“He’s playing linebacker and running back. When I got to high school, I thought I was going to be a running back. So I’m kind of living my dreams through him right now. … Like I said, it’s just a joy to be out there and watch that.”

How do Friday night football games fit into your NFL schedule?

“Friday nights are usually open as long we’re not on the West Coast, which we don’t have any games this year. So I’m hoping I can catch a lot of them. Over the years I was able to make most of the games and see them so hopefully that doesn’t change.”

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