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Friday Take Five: Trey, Terrell Edmunds on Growing Up in a Football Family



Terrell Tremaine and Trey Edmunds

PITTSBURGH — Steelers running back Trey Edmunds’ name is not actually Trey. It’s a nickname, as he was born Ferrell Edmunds III, with the Trey coming as slang for the three roman numerals after his name.

Trey is the oldest son of Ferrell Edmunds Jr., who was a  two-time Pro Bowler in his seven-year NFL career with the Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks.

It just so happened that Trey and his younger brothers, Steelers safety Terrell Edmunds and Buffalo Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds, all turned out to be NFL players, too.

With Father’s Day falling in June, all of our Friday Take Fives will have a father/son theme. Here’s our Friday Take Five with Trey and Terrell Edmunds:

SN: Was having your father’s name pressure for you, having a name to live up to?

Trey: “I definitely wouldn’t say it was pressure. But it definitely was something you know what I mean? It wasn’t just a regular name. Sometimes when my dad’s name got called oud, I thought it was me or vice versa. It was more of a respect thing. I knew I was destined to be greater than just his son. I’m named after him. So I kind of have some shoes to fill, but I would say it’s pressure.”

SN: “How different was your life, growing up the son of an NFL player, than some of your friends?”

Trey: “One thing my father and both of my parents were really good at, was kind of keeping us grounded. They never let us grow up ‘Hollywood style.’ You know what I mean? He kept us grounded and rooted us in morals and principles. So although he received a lot of attention, he wouldn’t let that get to our heads.”

SN: “Which of the brothers is most like your dad?”

Trey: “That’s a tough question. I do say, though, all three of us have his qualities. So if you could mix all three of us together.”

Terrell: “I think Trey and Tremaine, they’re like an even mix for the most part. My dad is so locked in, so on point with everything, so I definitely would say they’re like a mix of him.”

SN: What do you see of him in yourself?

Terrell: “Just his drive of everything, how he controls himself. When he was on the field off the field, how he controls the stuff in the community, just the leader that he is, and I definitely those are some traits that I definitely want to carry on in my life. Just from growing up with all the different people that came to my house and just seeing how highly they spoke of him, that’s something I always want to do.”

SN: “What was your dad like as a football mentor?”

Trey: “He was actually at varsity coach at our high school. He was tough. He always got the best out of all his players not even including nice, but he was definitely harder on us. So we definitely did not have an easy route. We had to work and earn and everything we have, but I wouldn’t change anything about the process or the journey.”

SN: “Who was tougher, your dad or Coach Tomlin?”

Terrell: “I’ll definitely say my dad because I can’t really say too much, because it is gonna carry on back to the house for sure. So definitely say my dad was a tougher coach, but that’s what you need when you’re younger. You need that foundation of everything.”

SN: “Did you play other sports, or was it always football?”

Trey: “We played a lot of sports. Myself, I played basketball, football of course, and track. I had to love all three. But football paid for college. So that’s what I went with.”

Terrell: “He just kept us active. Him and my mom. If it was football, if it was basketball, if it was track, AAU tournaments, racing in the front yard, it was always something just to stay active. Free time when you’re a little kid, that’s when you get in trouble.”