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HC Ron Rivera: Washington Commanders Need a Veteran at QB



Washington Commanders Coach Ron Rivera

INDIANAPOLIS — The quarterback-needy teams this offseason are scrambling to find who they ideally want. While it is anything but a sure thing that the Washington Commanders land a big fish, they may be looking for one. When speaking with the media on Tuesday, Commanders head coach Ron Rivera lobbied to land a veteran QB for the team.

With a lack of perceived leadership in the locker room, Rivera wants to stabilize the room. The stabilization of the room, however, will rely upon the ability to get a veteran they feel comfortable with. With more quarterbacks coming off the carousel and likely to stay put, that could be harder to do.

“We are truly trying to cover every base,” Rivera said of the Commanders quarterback search. “But I think this team needs a veteran. I really do. Still, we will look everywhere for the answer.”

The Commanders will be in the veteran market. They have reported interest to former Bears and current Bills quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. However, they also could at least scout the rookies lightly. Still, Rivera brought up the idea of Matthew Stafford. He believes no one cares about the value Stafford brought to the Rams after winning the Super Bowl, so why should the Commanders not be aggressive?

“Does anyone care how much it cost to get Matthew Stafford?” Rivera questioned. “No. So, who knows? But if you get the right guy there might never be too much.”

For Rivera and the Washington Commanders, moving on from the Taylor Heinicke era is something that seems due to occur. Whether that be through free agency or a trade, the Commanders are ready to make their move and make it now. With the NFC East seemingly wide open, landing a quarterback would help them compete for division titles. Meanwhile, they provide direct competition for anyone the Steelers want to bring in for the season.

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