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Intensity Ramps Up at Steelers Camp as Rookie LT Dan Moore Jr. Gets Into Scuffles



PITTSBURGH — Steelers training camp is very young. The team has only been in training camp for a mere number of days, and no pads have been put on just yet. For now, it seems more like a ramp-up period rather than a true and blue training camp practice. However, on Saturday, the intensity down at the South Side facility ramped up dramatically.

On two consecutive plays, Dan Moore Jr. got into scuffles with Isaiah Buggs and a big leader in the Steelers locker room, Cam Heyward. Moore’s intensity and aggressiveness are two things that Adrian Klemm has harped upon all offseason. While Mike Tomlin appreciates the intensity, he does want to dial it back a bit.

“I’m not interested in coaching that, to be honest with you,” Tomlin said. “We work our tails off to compete but keep it professional. We acknowledge sometimes that tempers are gonna flare and those things are gonna happen but we are not wasting one iota of our time coaching it. We are putting together a rough and tumble football group, not an MMA squad.”

While the intensity at training camp always heats up a few times a year, the Steelers are clearly trying to focus on the technique and aggressiveness combo rather than their outright aggressiveness. Still, it is not bad to see competitiveness from a rookie getting his first training camp under his belt.

To have some aggressiveness and attitude is exactly what Klemm has wanted from his offensive line, and so far, it seems like they are responding well.