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Kay Adams Thinks Steelers Are Definitely a Playoff Team in 2024



Mike Tomlin Miles Killebrew

While a slew of national media members are expressing negativity on the outlook of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 2024 season following the schedule release, mainly in part to the ruthless gauntlet that they’ll face down the stretch, Kay Adams is not, however.

She thinks doubting Mike Tomlin is a very unwise proposition.

“It’s wild to me that the Steelers, as we talked about … +650 (to win the AFC North). Guys, bottom once again, despite upgrading at the most important position on the field with either choice,” Adams said on Up & Adams. “And also adding to every level on both sides of the ball as well. I don’t know, when are we gonna stop doing this to Mike Tomlin? When are we gonna get it?

“If it’s Russ (Wilson), if it’s Justin (Fields), this team is going to be relevant. And I think this is a playoff team to me, this is a playoff team to me. They’re going to work their way – it might not be pretty – but it’ll be better than averaging less than a touchdown per game, combined.”

Kenny Pickett, Mitch Trubisky and Rudolph combined for just 13 touchdown passed last season. Over the last two seasons, the former Steelers quarterbacks compiled just 25 touchdown passes.

Massive changes were needed, and general manager Omar Khan and company did just that by adding Russell Wilson and Justin Fields. On the surface, it’s a big improvement, but many wonder if it will make a significant difference.

For this very reason, Pete Prisco of CBS Sports tabbed the Steelers as a seven-win team.

“Yeah, I don’t think they’re gonna be very good. I think they’re gonna win seven games, and I think when you look at Russell Wilson, I don’t think he’s good anymore,” Prisco said firmly. “I’ll be honest with you, I think his best years are behind him. It wouldn’t surprise me at some point if Justin Fields took over as the starter on this team. I think they’re gonna struggle throwing the football much like they have for the last couple of years. I do.”

“I just don’t see the same guy [Wilson] anymore. They’re gonna be more physical eventually as they get that offensive line worked out, and they’re gonna get the offensive line worked out,” Prisco added. “They had a good draft as it relates to that. It might take a little time and they are in the best division.

“They’ll be good on defense. They had bad linebackers last year. Struggled on defense last year. They’ll be better on defense this time around. But I still think they’re in a tough division. Seven wins.”

Former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky probably had the wildest take of them all by stating that the Steelers will lose their final seven games due to the brutal late-season stretch. That’s certainly a bold take. The last time the Steelers lost seven straight games in a season was in 1969, when they lost their final 12 games.  Tomlin’s longest career losing streak is five games (Weeks 10-14 in 2009). Things would have to absolutely fall apart for the Steelers to lose their final seven games.