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Keith Butler Hints T.J. Watt is Not Practicing Due to Contract Situation



PITTSBURGH – The Steelers have yet to see T.J. Watt in anything other than his jersey and shorts at training camp. Whether that was due to an unreported injury or the contract negotiations between Watt and the Steelers on a potential new mega-contract for the superstar outside linebacker. While Tomlin has been mum on the reasoning behind Watt’s slow buildup to training camp. On Saturday, defensive coordinator Keith Butler commented on the situation. In that, he hinted that the contract situation is the reason why Watt is not fully practicing with the team.

“That’s none of my business,” Butler said. “I hope he signs a contract. Let’s get it done. When that gets done, we’ll talk about it.”

While not outright saying it, it certainly seems that Butler is hinting that Watt is sitting out until he gets his contract signed on the dotted line. Still, Butler fully supports Watt in his pursuit for a big contract. He hopes Watt gets as much money as he possibly can.

“I don’t blame for that,” Butler said. “You don’t want to get hurt while your contract is done. You can lose flexibility in terms of what contract you can sign. I don’t blame him one bit for that. I hope they get it done. As a former player, as a former player rep for the players association, I’m always for the players.”

It certainly sounds like Watt will not be in pads or with the team until he gets his contract signed. That was expected, the Steelers certainly hope that gets done, and that Watt is in Pittsburgh for numerous years to come.