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Kenny Pickett Feels Comfortable Returning from First Concussion



Kenny Pickett

PITTSBURGH — Kenny Pickett suffered a concussion on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he feels comfortable after clearing concussion protocol on Friday. It was Pickett’s first concussion experience during his football career, as he said he never had a documented one during his time at Pitt or through high school.

“No, this is my first time,” Pickett said.

Pickett did not get into all of the minutiae of clearing him to play. However, he noted that he went through protocols and met with multiple doctors. He trusts those doctors at this point and already feels much better after the hit. Pickett confirmed he will start on Sunday, and has no qualms about it after being cleared to go forward.

“I remember everything,” Pickett said. “I’m not going to get into the details of it. I went through everything with the medical staff. People fly in here to go to these doctors, so I know they’re the best in the country. I feel great with where I’m at.”

With Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion, the increased awareness around head injuries has sprung up quickly in the NFL. Pickett knows that comes with the injury. People continue to look at it more, and Pickett is trusting the doctors and going with the flow of the protocol to this point.

“I’m sure there naturally is that happening around the league with what happened,” Pickett said. “But I think it’s every case and it’s different. I’m trusting the doctors and I’m good with where I’m at.”

Either way, Pickett will start and go forward with what doctors said before Sunday’s game. Pat Freiermuth dealt with a similar experience and feels much of the same way. This is yet another concussion for Freiermuth in his NFL career, but Freiermuth feels comfortable playing. Doctors deemed last week it was not safe for him to play, bue he has cleared all protocols checks at this point.

“Yeah, these are some of the best doctors in the country,” Freiermuth said. “Last week they said it wasn’t safe for me to play. This week, I should be good to go.”

The Steelers now gear up for Sunday Night Football far healthier than they have been in recent weeks on both sides of the football.

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