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Kenny Pickett Is Glad to Be in Philadelphia: ‘Change Is a Great Thing’



Pittsburgh Steelers QB Kenny Pickett

Ultimately, former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett felt like it was just time for a fresh start after playing seven years in the city of Pittsburgh, accounting for his Pitt tenure. In his introductory press conference with the Philadelphia Eagles, Pickett revealed that he felt like he handled his departure from Pittsburgh the right way.

“I think the communication is what it is. It was behind closed doors. I’m confident with the way I handled it,” Pickett said. … “I just thought it was time. It just felt like it was time from things that transpired. “Wanted to get a chance to go somewhere else and continue to grow my career. The fact that it’s in Philly, the place that I found the love for the game. A great coaching staff, great players. Looking forward to meeting these guys in a couple weeks when everyone gets back in town. I think it’s an awesome opportunity to join this team.”

Kenny Pickett reiterated in a recent interview with Ben Istvan of the The Philadelphia Inquirer that he felt like a change was the best thing for him.

“Change is a great thing. I’m going through it right now,” Pickett told Istvan. “I was in Pittsburgh for seven years and now I’m over in Philadelphia… I think a lot of people probably have some negative views on change, but that’s really just your outlook on it. I think if you keep a positive mindset, it’ll all work out for the better.”

Steelers Kenny Pickett

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett in a game against the Baltimore Ravens on Jan. 6, 2024. — Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

Pickett recently spoke to high school athletes at the Champion Mindset Symposium hosted by All In Athletes. Pickett delivered a message on dealing with negativity as he transitions from the Pittsburgh Steelers to Philadelphia.

Tony Racioppi, who has been Pickett’s private quarterbacks coach since college, believes some false narratives were pushed about Pickett in his departure from Pittsburgh.

“The world has enough doubters. There’s plenty of people that are doubting,” Pickett told the high school athletes at the event. “That’s probably the majority of people out there in the media, fanbases, whatever it may be. But those special people that I was talking about earlier — coaches, family members. I think they can turn your mind around and try to prove them right and what they believe in you, can kind of be in a more positive mindset.”

So far, everything has gone smooth for Pickett in Philadelphia, which is the franchise that he grew up rooting for in Ocean Township, New Jersey.

“It’s been great,” Pickett told NBC Philadelphia 10 last month when asked about being in Philly. “Obviously, Jalen’s an incredibly talented player. He’s played in a similar system, and we’re kinda all learning this new one together. So the communication back and forth in the quarterback room has been awesome with the quarterbacks coaching us and Kellen (Moore). I couldn’t ask for a better room, better staff to be working with. Obviously, the talent around this team is pretty special, so it’s a great group to be in.”

The Steelers play the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on Dec. 15. Unless Hurts suffers an injury prior or during the game, Pickett will serve as the Eagles’ No. 2 quarterback.

“I’m really excited about the things he can do. I’m excited that we have a piece in place there. But his job is to be the backup, and his job is to support Jalen and help him in any way that he can and be ready to play if he needs to play,” Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni said at the NFL owner’s meetings in March.

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