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Kenny Pickett Talks Hand Size on PMT



Steelers Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickett got ripped throughout the draft process for having small hands, as his hands were originally measured at 8.5 inches at the NFL Combine. At Pitt’s pro day, his hands were measured out at 8.625 inches. Pickett’s hands are the smallest among any active stating NFL quarterback.

There’s no reason for Steelers Nation to fret, however, as it appears Pickett’s hands are growing. Appearing on the Pardon My Take podcast, Pickett said he has normal size hands, and they’re actually hitting a growth spurt.

“Let’s push the narrative now, you guys started in the draft process. I’ll say it, they’re hitting a growth spurt,” Pickett said. “(They) are some normal sized hands, man. Just going playing ball.”

Jake Marsh followed by asking Pickett if he ever gets blisters on his hands from wearing two gloves.

“A blister? That’s a crazy question,” Pickett said. “Maybe baseball. I used to swing a baseball bat. Maybe I got a blister playing baseball in high school. So junior year of high school.” Dan “Big Cat” Katz praised Pickett for having tough, gritty, durable hands.

Other than Teddy Bridgewater, Pickett is the only quarterback in the league that is always donning two gloves. So, what happens when Pickett throws a pass without gloves?

“I do that in the walk-through, and everybody on the offense is amazed how I’m able to do it,” Pickett said jokingly. “It’s not too different, but I manage during the walkthroughs without the gloves.”

To conclude the interview, Pickett was asked by Max Dolente if it feels better when he doesn’t wear gloves, like skin on skin.

“I like the gloves, man,” Pickett said while laughing.

So, there you have it on Pickett’s hands. You can listen to the entire in-depth interview from the Pardon My Take crew at the 1:28:19 mark.

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