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2022 NFL Draft

Kevin Colbert Isn’t Concerned about Kenny Pickett’s Hand Size



Kenny Pickett's Hand Size

PITTSBURGH — Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert is searching for a new quarterback, and that will be a process where every part of every available quarterback is scrutinized. That goes from statistics, their tape, and of course, their physical measurements. Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett is currently experiencing that as it pertains to his hand size.

Pickett’s hands are reportedly very small, measuring well under nine inches according to reports. His right thumb is doubled-jointed, as well, which adds an entirely different wrinkle to the conversation. However, at large, the more important thing to take into account is that Pickett did not get his hands measured at the Senior Bowl. He plans to do that at the NFL Combine next week.

For the Steelers, hand size could be an issue. Colbert spoke at length to the media on Monday and brushed off concerns of hand size as an issue. Using the example of stud receiver Herman Moore, who Colbert drafted in Detroit, he looks more at statistics rather than the innate hand size measurement.

“We do every measurement known,” Colbert said. “Sometimes, those things are misleading. I always tell the story, when people talk about hand size, Herman Moore was a great receiver that we had with the Detroit Lions. Herman Moore was 6-foot-4, but his hands measured 8 1/2. Herman Moore had great hands. Well, Herman couldn’t spread his fingers, but his fingers were very long. So, sometimes we get caught up in that. I’d look at more statistics from a fumble standpoint. How did the player lose the ball if he fumbled it? How does he deliver? Does it get to where it needs to get to? We take in as much information as we can, but in general, we’re just going to evaluate the player overall.”

For Pickett’s prospects with the Steelers, that would seem to spell some good omens for him. Pickett had 26 total fumbles over his career at Pitt, which is one of the higher marks across the NCAA in that timespan. He lessened that just three in 2021, but the issue could present itself. Still, for Colbert and the Steelers, it seems they will not eliminate a quarterback just because of their hand size measurement.