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Kevin Dotson Working with First Team This Week at Left Guard



Kevin Dotson

PITTSBURGH — Kevin Dotson has been the Steelers’ starting left guard throughout practices leading up to their matchup against the Detroit Lions. On Thursday, it was the third straight practice where Dotson had played with the ones with no rotation between him and Kendrick Green.

Dotson confirmed to Steelers Now on Thursday that it was his third straight practice working at left guard as the first-teamer. However, Dotson is not taking it with anything other than a grain of salt. For him, it means nothing until he can finally take the field in Week 1 as the starter.

“It means nothing right now,” Dotson said. “I’m not giving myself anything until Week 1. I need to earn this job.”

Still, it appears that Dotson is going to get the start on Sunday and that it is very possible for him to start against Cincinnati. He is taking the process step by step rather than jumping right into and crowning himself. However, the biggest thing might be that he has to stay healthy. Without it, Dotson is not sure if he can win the job anyways.

“Injuries are a part of the game,” Dotson said. “You have got to do what you got to do. Nobody else will feel sorry for you. Nobody cares. So, I just have to do what I can to stay healthy.”

Dotson is putting in some preventative practices in order to keep his ankle healthy after he was injured during training camp. Still, Dotson is hoping to put more quality tape on the field against the Lions. While he does not know if he will start yet or not, Dotson is going to let his play do the talking.

“There’s a lot of work that I’ve put in,” Dotson said. “I feel like I’ve done pretty well. I could do better, there’s an always improving type thing there. But I feel pretty good.”

Mike Tomlin has been impressed by what Dotson has put out on the tape thus far. In his first week back with consistent practice reps, Dotson is putting down good day after good day. While Tomlin will not outright name him the starter just yet, it appears to be headed that way for Sunday.

“He’s having good days,” Tomlin said. “Right now we’re just singularly focused on preparing ourselves for Sunday’s performance. That’s where we are. He’s just a part of that process. Today is a big day regarding some of the pressures and things that you see on possession downs, so he’s been a component of that. Good work day.”

The battle between Green and Dotson has carried on throughout training camp. Still, Green has struggled in the preseason games, and thus, Dotson appears to have been given the first opportunity at the starting job. If he can stay healthy, it would be no surprise for Dotson to earn that job.

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