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Legendary RB Rocky Bleier Not Impressed with Current Team: ‘The Steelers Suck’



Rocky Bleier Steelers RB

Add former Pittsburgh running back Rocky Bleier to the growing list of past Steelers fed up with and perplexed by the team’s recent performance.

On the latest edition of his “One Man’s Opinion” series on Instagram, Bleier was brutally on honest regarding the Steelers’ struggles.

“The Steelers suck,” Bleier said. “What I can’t understand is why. It’s not that losing bothers me as much as lack of pride or self-esteem. How do you give up 82 points in the last two games? How do you, in the words of Mike Tomlin, get beat up front and both sides of the ball?”

In response to Roethlisberger’s postgame remarks that the Steelers simply need to play better, Bleier responded in a manner only he could.

“No shit,” Bleier added. “So why don’t you play better. I don’t want to hear about injuries. We got beat even when everyone was healthy. I don’t want to hear about anything. Because actions speak louder than words. And at this stage of the game, those actions spell out loser.”

While Bleier admits he was skeptical about the offense entering the season, he did not have concerns about the defense considering the experience of the group and coordinator Keith Butler.

“But when you have a seasoned defensive coordinator that gives up 82 points in two games, it’s more than just karma,” Bleier said. “It’s a disaster.”

Pittsburgh finds itself sitting at third in the AFC North with a 5-5-1 record. They are currently five slots removed from a playoff spot.