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Le’Veon Bell Raises Concern About Justin FIelds in Training Video

Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell raised concerns about Justin Fields in a training video posted to X, but is there anything to be concerned about?



Pittsburgh Steelers QB Justin Fields

Have you heard the debate around Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Justin Fields following the end of mandatory minicamp? Reports stating Fields either dazzled or struggled are permeating the interwebs, which has led to much discussion around Fields in general. Fields headed for training with Route God and his quarterbacks’ coach while throwing to multiple NFL wide receivers, including Diontae Johnson.

The clip blew up over the platform and caught the attention of former Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell. Bell raised one huge concern with the video, and it’s not hard to see when you watch it — the ball is coming out late, but there is some missing context to that.

The missing context? That was clarified later by Route God himself, who stated that Justin Fields and the receivers wanted to work on footwork while going through progressions. As such, this is not balls coming out late, but rather, Fields working on a specific skill with his trainer and other NFL wide receivers.

What We Saw From Justin Fields in Minicamp and OTAS

As for the other side of this, which is how Fields looked throughout the spring, is a mix of what is being thrown around. For one, Fields has excellent speed, and the arm strength is dazzling. I thought he made several throws this spring that were physically impressive because of his tools.

But he did spray the ball all over the field at times, especially to the intermediate portions. So, there is merit to some of that criticism. Regardless, Fields is out training with his trainer, and that balls were not coming out late as Bell suggested.