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Mason Rudolph: Myles Garrett’s Attack ‘Cowardly, Bush League’



By the time he worked his way to the press conference room in the bowels of FirstEnergy Stadium, Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph was still pretty hot.

It’s hard to blame him. Rudolph had been attacked with his own helmet by Browns defensive end Myles Garrett on a play with eight seconds left in the game in a play that shocked and appalled observers from around football.

“It was bush league and a total coward move on his part,” Rudolph said. “It’s OK. I’ll take it. I’m not going to back down from anybody out there.”

Rudolph did not comment on whether Garrett would be suspended, and admitted that he played a role in continuing the incident by charging after Garrett after his helmet was pulled off.

“I felt like I had a bone to pick with him after what he did and I wasn’t going to, you know … I appreciate the line always having my back and putting it to bed, but I was angry,” Rudolph said.

As far as whether or not Garrett crossed a line, Rudolph was was sure.

“Maybe when he took my helmet off and used it as a weapon.”