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2023 NFL Draft

Matt Miller: Darnell Wright to Steelers in 1st Round ‘Has to Happen’



Steelers Draft Darnell Wright

The Steelers have a multitude of ways they could go with the 17th overall pick, but one analyst thinks there is one clear way that the team must go with the pick.

Talking on ESPN on Friday, ESPN draft analyst Matt Miller stated that Pittsburgh’s key move must be to add Tennessee offensive tackle, Darnell Wright. He loves the fit for Pittsburgh as it stands here today and views tackle as potentially the biggest need on the Steelers roster.

“The Steelers haven’t invested early-round picks in the offensive line and it’s showing,” Miller wrote. “Right tackle is at the top of my needs list for them. Tennessee’s Wright, the best right tackle in the class, fits Pittsburgh perfectly with his toughness in the run game and mobility to protect the quarterback in passing situations.”

The more time has gone on, the likelier this seems with most having the top three tackles off the board. Wright is not considered a prospect without warts, however. Bob McGinn talked to scouts that concerns about his football character and work ethic. But plenty of others loved his game tape against Will Anderson and the potential.

“There’s a lot of entitlement with this kid but he did shut out (Alabama’s) Will Anderson,” one scout said in McGinn’s scouting journal. “Absolutely. If you want to like him that’s the tape you point to and say, ‘This guy’s a starting left or right tackle. Case closed. But when you dig into it, he never was much of a worker. Barely does enough to get by. Not super cooperative. Hard work is not in his vocabulary. Just does enough.”

As it continued on, they mentioned the good interview process and over draft process that Wright had. For me, Wright makes a lot of sense as a plug-and-play guy. That doesn’t mean the Steelers will make that pick, but if they want to upgrade the offensive line, getting a guy who can play right away makes far more sense than drafting a rawer prospect with significant draft capital. Keep an eye on Wright.

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