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Najee Harris Hopes Steelers Can Build From 30-Point Performance



Najee Harris

PITTSBURGH — Is it possible that the Steelers’ offense is taking steps forward? After back-to-back outings where the team hit at least 20 points for the first time in back-to-back games all season, running back Najee Harris is hoping that is the case. A 30-point outing is a positive step for the Steelers’ offense, even with a sustained, stagnant second half of work from a team that hummed in the first half.

In that case, what gives to the Steelers? Harris acknowledged that this could be somewhat of a building block for the group, but it is not enough. In fact, Pittsburgh was in 3rd and.7 or longer on 11 of their 17 3rd down opportunities. Time after time, whether it was a bad play call, tough miss by Kenny Pickett, miscommunication up front, penalties, or something else, the offense hurt themselves.

The rushing attack feels like it is moving in the right direction at the very least. In back-to-back games, the Steelers’ offensive line has moved bodies up front, and it has produced an efficient rushing attack as a result. But yet, something does feel off, and Harris knows nothing is perfect until they can keep a level of consistency going.

“Listen, there’s a lot of good stuff we put on film,” Harris said. “Obviously, we scored points. One time, I think we were like 5 for 7 on 3rd downs. That’s good. We’re building from there. It’s the first time all season scoring 30. That’s good, but it’s not good enough. In the NFL, we have to be good enough.”

However, the lack of consistency is something that is still baffling to Najee Harris and a lot of his teammates, too. The Steelers put out an excellent drive in the end of the 4th quarter and put up multiple strong drives in the first half. So, why then did the offense go cold for most of the second half? That is where the Steelers offense needs to look next to figure out how to take the next step.

“I don’t know, we just have to execute,” Harris said. “You saw what we could do there on that last drive, and other drives before. It comes down to big plays throughout the game. We didn’t really end up doing that enough.”

At the very least, the Steelers’ offense can say they put up lots of points. That is a step in the right direction. It is not perfect by any means, but perhaps it can be a springboard for the Steelers heading into future games.

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