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Analyst Believes Steelers Will Pick up Najee Harris’ 5th Year Option



Steelers Najee Harris

The fifth-year option decision on Najee Harris will be coming up next offseason, and one analyst believes that the Steelers will pick up Harris’ option when it comes down to it.

Matt Verderame of Sports Illustrated went through each team’s 2021 first-round pick and when he got to Harris, he believes the decision for the Steelers should be an easy one.

“Harris entered Pittsburgh as one of the more ballyhooed running backs in recent years, and he hasn’t disappointed,” Verderame wrote. “Although Harris has averaged only 3.9 yards per carry throughout his career, the former Crimson Tide star notched a pair of 1,000-yard seasons, highlighted by 14 rushing touchdowns. Expect Harris with the Steelers for at least five years.”

That leaves Najee Harris as a guy who should be with the Steelers for at least five years. The move makes plenty of sense. With a first-round pick being put into Harris, he has been mostly durable, a volume monster and Pittsburgh is continuing to build the offensive roster around him and the running game. So, it appears more than likely that will be the case for Pittsburgh heading into next offseason.

Harris broke out for a monster second half of last season as well, which only provides optimism as to what he could potentially do in 2023 with Jaylen Warren as his sidekick. Simply put, expect the team to continue to feed Harris and invest in him for at least the duration of his rookie contract.

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