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Steelers Injury Updates

Najee Harris Evaluated for Concussion, Cleared to Return



Najee Harris

PITTSBURGH — Steelers standout running back Najee Harris left the team’s game against the New Orleans Saints with a potential concussion injury after taking a hard hit along the sideline after a 36-yard rip on the ground. However, Najee Harris has since been cleared and will return to the game.

Harris was ushered into the medical tent without his helmet. Often, that is a sign that the player is being signaled for a concussion evaluation. Harris stayed down on the sideline for a bit, but quickly got up and tried to head back into the game before heading into the medical tent.

Within two minutes of heading into the tent, Harris came out of the tent with his helmet in hand. He has yet to return to the game but appears to be potentially returning to the game shortly. Jaylen Warren replaced Harris and their snaps appear to be evenly split thus far. Pittsburgh leads over New Orleans 10-0 in the second quarter.