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NFL Network Gears Up for Steelers Takeover



Steelers NFL Network

Fans tuning into the NFL Network today, Thursday, May 18, can expect to see a lot of black and gold, as the Steelers will takeover the channel for the entire day. From documentaries to Super Bowl re-runs, the NFL Network will cover all things Pittsburgh during its Steelers’ Takeover special.

Here’s a schedule and breakdown of the coverage

1 p.m. Immaculate Reception: A Football Life

To kick things off, the NFL Network will cover one of the greatest moments in Steelers’ history. First airing in 2012, this documentary takes viewers back to the 1972 AFC Divisional game, when Franco Harris cemented his legacy by hauling in a nearly impossible touchdown reception.

Featuring interviews from Harris, Terry Bradshaw and even a few Raiders, this documentary is a must-watch for fans of Steelers’ history.

2 p.m. Chuck Noll: A Football Life

To follow up on the history lesson, fans can tune in at 2 p.m. to learn about Chuck Noll — the legendary Steelers’ head coach from 1969-1991.

Throughout his 22-year career, Noll coached the Steelers to four Super Bowl victories, making him an excellent focal point in this documentary.

3 p.m. America’s Game: 1974 Steelers

1974 — the beginning of a dynasty. This documentary covers the 1974 season — the year that the Steelers won their first Super Bowl. From the rise of the Steel Curtain to a Super Bowl IX victory over the Vikings, 1974 was a legendary year for Steelers’ fans.

4 p.m. Super Bowl X

Fans can tune in at 4 p.m. to re-live the 1976 Super Bowl.

Of course, this Super Bowl featured a 21-17 Steelers’ victory over the Dallas Cowboys, which earned them their second championship title.

7 p.m. NFL Total Access 

After several hours of Steelers’ history, the NFL Network will return to the modern-day with its NFL Total Access show.

8 p.m. Franco Harris: A Football Life

While Harris is most well-known for the Immaculate Reception, it’s most certainly not his only accomplishment. Learn about the 13-year long, Hall of Fame career of one of the Steelers’ greatest players.

9 p.m. Joe Greene: A Football Life

The NFL Network will return at 9 p.m. to cover the life of another Steelers’ great — “Mean” Joe Greene.

10 p.m. Terry Bradshaw: A Football Life

Finally, the NFL Network will close out its coverage of the Steelers with a documentary about Terry Bradshaw. Over his 13-seasons with the Steelers, Bradshaw led the team to four Super Bowl titles, earning super-star fame in the process.