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NFL Network’s Eisen, Warner, Mariucci, Irvin to Call Steelers Raiders Game



NFL network Rich Eisen

Saturday’s Christmas Eve game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Las Vegas Raiders will be broadcast nationally by NFL Network, with the network’s usual studio hosts working as play-by-play and color commentators in a four-man broadcasting booth.

Rich Eisen will be on play-by-play while three color commentators in Kurt Warner, Steve Mariucci, and Michael Irvin will provide analysis throughout the game. Allison Willians and Steve Wyche will be the sideline correspondents for the game. The game is set for an 8:15 p.m. kickoff on Christmas Eve.

KDKA-TV is set to broadcast the NFL Network feed of the Steelers-Raiders game locally.

In the pregame and postage coverage, Steve Smith, Michael Robinson, and Maurice Jones-Drew will provide analysis with host Collen Wolfe. The analysts that will break down not only the game, but the Immaculate Reception and the career of Franco Harris. The game between the Steelers and Raiders was planned to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Immaculate Reception on Dec. 23. Harris’ death on Wednesday will add to the emotional drama of the game and the celebrations.

In addition, there will be a special broadcast of a Generations film session between the late Franco Harris and current Steelers running back Najee Harris. During the Steelers-Raiders matchup, Franco will walk Najee through the Immaculate Reception, showing the ins and outs of the play and how it went down.

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