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NFL, NFLPA Agree to $180 Million Salary Cap Minimum for 2021



Roger Goodell

The Pittsburgh Steelers and every other team tight to the salary cap got some good news on February, as the NFL and NFLPA have agreed to an increase in the minimum salary cap upper limit for the 2021 season.

The league and the player’s union had agreed before the 2020 season to set a minimum salary cap figure for 2021 of $175 million.

Now, following discussions between the union and the league, that figure has been increased to $180 million.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where the salary cap will end up. That process requires a lengthy audit process as the player’s association reviews the league’s finances, and also could be subject to negotiations if the owners want to move some future cap space to 2021 to make for the pandemic-related lack of revenue.

If the cap figure is at $180 million, the Steelers are presently approximately $24 million over that figure at the moment.

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