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NFL, NFLPA Announce Rise in COVID-19 Cases



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The NFL and NFLPA announced an increase in positive COVID-19 cases Tuesday, marking the fourth-straight week without a decline in case numbers league-wide.

There were 58 new confirmed positives over the most recent testing period spanning from Dec. 20-26.

21 of the new cases are players, while the other 37 stem from confirmed positive test results of staff members across the league.

41,047 COVID-19 tests were administered to a total of 6,785 players and staff members over the period.

League-wide cases had remained steady for the last three weeks, with the NFL and NFLPA announcing 45 new cases for three consecutive testing periods. It is concerning to say the least that cases have risen since last week, instead of decreased.

Dating back to Aug. 1, the league has had 618 confirmed positive cases of coronavirus. 881,510 total tests have been administered over that time.