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NFL Picks Week 10




Each week, the Steelers Now staff picks each NFL game.


Alan Saunders: 92-40
Mike Asti: 82-50
Ron Lippock: 81-51
Parker Hurley: 80-52


Mike Asti: 9-5
Parker Hurley: 7-7
Ron Lippock: 9-5
Alan Saunders: 11-3


Los Angeles Chargers at Oakland Raiders

Asti: Chargers. While neither of these teams has made any sense this year, the Chargers have the better roster.
Hurley: Chargers
Lippock: Raiders
Saunders: Chargers, I guess. Can’t figure either of these teams out.


Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

Asti: Ravens in the sure thing of the week.
Hurley: Ravens
Lippock: Ravens
Saunders: Ravens by 100.

Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns

Asti: Browns. My pick is based solely on the fact, that while Cleveland was clearly overhyped in the offseason, they shouldn’t be as bad as they’ve been. Conversely, Buffalo has played a bit above themselves and something has to give.
Hurley: Browns
Lippock: Bills
Saunders: Bills beat the bad teams, and the Browns are pretty close to one of those.

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears

Asti: Bears. Chicago’s offense is awful, but their defense will cause enough problems for Stafford and company. Additional reason: I also need to make up ground on Alan.
Hurley: Bears
Lippock: Lions
Saunders: Lions, because I don’t trust the Bears to score at all.

New York Giants at New York Jets

Asti: Giants
Hurley: Jets
Lippock: Giants
Saunders: Giants, because not even a black cat curse can help the Jets.

Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans

Asti: Chiefs
Hurley: Chiefs
Lippock: Chiefs
Saunders: Chiefs

Arizona Cardinals at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Asti: Buccaneers
Hurley: Buccaneers
Lippock: Buccaneers
Saunders: Buccaneers thanks to a rookie quarterback, 1 p.m. East Coast game, more than because I have faith in Tampa.

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints

Asti: Saints
Hurley: Saints
Lippock: Saints
Saunders: Saints


Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts

Asti: Colts
Hurley: Colts
Lippock: Colts
Saunders: Colts, with or without Jacoby Brissett.

Los Angeles Rams at Pittsburgh Steelers

Asti: Rams. The Steelers have been more lucky than good lately. This game has blow out potential for LA if Rudolph takes too long to make decisions with the ball. Donald could be prime for a big day back in Pittsburgh.

Hurley: Rams. The Steelers defense will keep this close, and they will cover the four point spread. However, Mason Rudolph has been too unsure in the pocket and will struggle to score points as well.

Rams 16, Steelers 14

Lippock: Rams. The Rams offense is 8th in the NFL, and it’s defense is on par with the Steelers’. What’s kept the Steelers alive this season has been their ability to force an excessive amount of turnovers. The Rams don’t turn the ball over often. I think their offense will be too much to keep up this week. If the Steelers get off to their typically slow start against this Rams team, I think they won’t have much luck catching up to the Rams.

Rams 27, Steelers 17
Saunders: Rams. The LA defense would be trouble for a healthy Steelers offense, and it is looking like the Steelers are not going to have a healthy offense.

Rams 23, Steelers 13

Carolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers

Asti: Packers
Hurley: Packers
Lippock: Packers
Saunders: Packers


Minnesota Vikings at Dallas Cowboys

Asti: Cowboys. Dallas has their issues, but I don’t trust Minnesota much either.
Hurley: Vikings
Lippock: Vikings
Saunders: Vikings


Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers

Asti: 49ers. I’m very tempted to go with Seattle simply because San Francisco has to lose at some point though. Richard Sherman picks off his former quarterback.
Hurley: 49ers
Lippock: 49ers
Saunders: Seahawks, mostly because I don’t think the 49ers will go undefeated.

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