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NFL Picks Week 12



NFL Free Agent

Each week, the Steelers Now staff picks each NFL game.


Alan Saunders: 107-51
Mike Asti: 97-61
Parker Hurley: 97-61
Ron Lippock: 96-62


Mike Asti: 10-3
Parker Hurley: 10-3
Ron Lippock: 10-3
Alan Saunders: 10-3


Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans

Asti: Texans, but could go either way. The Colts seasons has gone downhill since the loss in Pittsburgh.
Hurley: Texans
Lippock: Texans
Saunders: Colts, I suppose. Not a confident matchup.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons

Asti: Falcons. Atlanta is finally playing up to their talent level and Winston is a walking turnover machine.
Hurley: Bucs
Lippock: Falcons
Saunders: Falcons

Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills

Asti: Bills
Hurley: Broncos
Lippock: Broncos
Saunders: Bills

New York Giants at Chicago Bears

Asti: Bears
Hurley: Bears
Lippock: Bears
Saunders: Bears

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals

Asti: Steelers, 19-6. Even with as bad as the Steelers looked against Cleveland and the fact they may have been more lucky than good in some recent wins, there’s just no way the Bengals can score enough without making critical mistakes against the Pittsburgh defense. Cincinnati is so bad they will hell the Steelers get the win, regardless of how Mason Rudolph and the offense plays.

Hurley: Steelers, 13-10. This is going to be an ugly game. Mason Rudolph has not shown progression and is now on the road without his top weapons. The Steelers defensive line should dominate the Bengals offensive line, and the Steelers will likely rely on another defensive dominated performance. Still, do not be surprised if the 0-10 Bengals are competing into the fourth quarter against the wounded Steelers offense.

Lippock: Steelers, 20-13. A conservative game where each offense tries to make as few mistakes as possible knowing the other offense isn’t going to run away with the game. Betting on the Steelers defense to cause 1-2 more turnovers to make the difference.

Saunders: Steelers, 21-9. This defense against Ryan Finley? Could score more than they give up. Steelers offense needs to get the running game going to make this a laugher. Benny Snell will help, but that’s probably still a week or two (and James Conner and Maurkice Pouncey) from happening.

Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns

Asti: Browns
Hurley: Browns, do not be surprised if they get caught in a look-ahead spot, as they have worried about the Steelers all week and play them next week. This game will be closer than some think.
Lippock: Browns
Saunders: Browns. Defensive absences could make this interesting, but Cleveland has so much more talent.

Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints

Asti: Saints
Hurley: Saints
Lippock: Saints
Saunders: Saints

Oakland Raiders at New York Jets

Asti: Jets. This is mostly just a gut feeling.
Hurley: Jets, the progression of Sam Darnold could be on display.
Lippock: Raiders
Saunders: Raiders, but wary of this pick. They aren’t as good as their record. Long road trip against a lackluster opponent makes this a trap game. Raiders could look ahead to next week’s matchup with Kansas City, as well.

Detroit Lions at Washington Redskins

Asti: Lions
Hurley: Lions
Lippock: Lions
Saunders: Lions

Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles

Asti: Seahawks
Hurley: Seahawks
Lippock: Seahawks
Saunders: Seahawks, as the Eagles’ leaky defense continues to let them down.


Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans

Asti: Titans
Hurley: Titans
Lippock: Titans
Saunders: Titans defense is underrated. Nick Foles still shaking the rust off.

Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots

Asti: Patriots
Hurley: Patriots
Lippock: Cowboys
Saunders: Patriots


Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers

Asti: Packers
Hurley: 49ers as long as they have Kittle and Sanders
Lippock: Packers
Saunders: Packers. Was unimpressed by the 49ers a week ago and Aaron Rogers is usually his best in prime time.


Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams

Asti: Ravens
Hurley: Ravens
Lippock: Ravens
Saunders: Ravens take a classic strength vs. strength matchup. Lamar Jackson is the truth.